2.5D NanoShield Anti Shock Film


1. Good smooth and sensitive touching.

2. Free bubbles.

3. High anti-scratch.

4. Strong Anti-shock function.

5. Good bendable .

6. Never be broken, very durable.

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Main Categories

Nanoshield Hammer Anti Shock Film
5D Full Edge Screen Films (Front with borders)
3D Nanoedge Full Size Cover Screen Protector
Privacy Filter for Notebook/Laptop/ATM/PC
RecommendationsPrivacy Films
1. Anti-spy, block others from seeing information on your display, protect the confidential and sensitive information on your laptops and monitors. 2. Anti-Glare; Anti-UV, protect eyesight; 3. Anti-scratch, to prevent the screen from being scratched; dose not affect the touch-sensitive display; 4. Can be repeatedly paste, easy to install, easy to remove; provide a variety of sizes, suitable for a variety of models.

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